• Add ‘Send Starbucks’ button to your CRM or other software/apps.
  • Setup triggers and automations.
  • No coding required, setup in 5 minutes or less.
  • Sort by industry and software type.
  • Integrations can be setup per person or collaborate with your team.
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  • Sandbox available upon request.
  • Create custom triggers to send Starbucks coffee from within your own software/app.
  • Create, edit, delete Users via API.
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  • Centrally manage a team of users.
  • Set sending limits.
  • Invite new users from the platform or via a unique team URL.
  • Track team stats in real time.
  • Allocate Credits across the team.
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Custom Templates

  • Co-branded templates with your own custom logo and branding.
  • Share templates across the team.
  • Example templates by role/industry.
  • Live preview template builder.
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Campaigns or One-by-One

  • Setup bulk campaigns by simply uploading a CSV with email address, names, and custom messages.
  • Download eGift Card links for use in SMS or other campaigns.
  • Setup campaigns that are fully integrated into your CRM or other software/apps.
  • Send one off coffees in a few clicks.
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Suggested Recipients

  • Sync your CRM, Gmail/Outlook, Calendar, or other apps and get suggested recipients.
  • Suggestions refreshed daily.
  • Intelligently suggests recipients based on data.
  • Bi-weekly email digest.
  • Mobile app (coming soon).
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  • Real-time analytics.
  • Track sent, received, credited coffees.
  • Track which templates perform best.
  • Archived data saved forever.
  • See activity feed of coffees sent.
  • Download and export data to CSV.
  • Sync to Salesforce to tracking all sending in Salesforce too.
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  • $5 Starbucks eGift Cards never expire.
  • Recipients can show phone at Starbucks or transfer $5 to the Starbucks mobile app.
  • Mobile optimized experience.
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